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In his delightful and informative book/CD, "Music of the Birds," Lang Elliott asks wisely, "Will analyzing nature’s choir take away from its magic, or will it add a new dimension to one’s appreciation?" And William Wordsworth compels us to "Come forth into the light of things. Let Nature be your teacher." The main spirit and driving force of the prairies in North America is the wind. Its sound in the grasses and scrub vegetation provides a sense of sanctity and place that has been written about by poets, conveyed in Native American lore and inscribed in American mythology since the onset of our history. This recording combines the work of two field recordists, Lang Elliott and Bernie Krause, both of whom have added their special art to creat a prairie spring composite soundscape.

PRAIRIE WINDS. A collaborative effort uniting the field recordings of Lang Elliott and Bernie Krause, this soundscape represents a biophony that expresses the dynamic and drams of a vast North Region stretching from middle America well into Canada.

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